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Issar Ruins Siege

Kotic Savage, Apr 12, 11 8:07 AM.

Issar Ruins

Assassins of the Night try to help Nexus defend the hamlet from Incognito, Soldiers of Eanna, and Yew Militia.

Sweetwater is ours!!

Kotic Savage, Dec 21, 10 12:44 AM.

Sweetwater is now owned by the Assassins!

We have taken Sweetwater from the Brigands as they went inactive enough to quit Darkfall.

Sweetwater and the Assassins

Kotic Savage, Dec 11, 10 9:11 PM.

Owned by the Bloodmoon Brigands
Photo taken by Kotic Savage

We live out of Sweetwater with our allies, the Bloodmoon Brigands. Our clan grows slowly once again as we have a stable home and many actives. We currently just got this new website up and going thanks to the help of Bhang Bhang. Also, I would like to announce that Bhang Bhang has moved up to Officer ranks if anyone did not know by now!

Ceredtas stopped by in vent today, he should be back in game within a week or two! Unfortunately he will go inactive again after Christmas Break. Murran theWITTLEpoop has had some fun pvp it seems over in wolf lands! He has been gathering lots of weapons to trade for greataxes. Hopefully he will come to Sweetwater and start the trades.

Also Me and some Bilge Rats had a fun time at the Burning Glory sea tower! 



Web Site is up!

Kotic Savage, Dec 10, 10 12:51 AM.
Our new website is up. Thanks to Bhang Bhang for showing me the hosting service!
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